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The Netherlands

  • Willem Grimminck

    Managing Director



  • Suman Joshi

    Managing Director


  • Matthijs van Rijn

    Business Analyst - Renewable Energy


  • Ronia Tandukar

    Sr. Business Analyst


  • Kemesh Maharjan

    Graphic Communication


  • Sony Shrestha

    Sr. Business Analyst

    Sony Shrestha

  • Prakash Bhandari

    Chief Finance Officer


  • Anupam Man Chhantyal

    Officer | Business Development Services


  • Maitreya Shakya

    Officer | Business Development Services

    Maitreya Shakya

  • Yamuna Chhetri

    Administration/Finance Officer


  • Samyam Sinnya

    Probationary Officer



  • Robbert Groenen



  • Ada Chai

    Head of Business Development Services


  • Akrity Acharya

    Investment Officer


  • Mo Hom

    Senior Financial Consultant


  • Alice Thet

    Head of Communications


  • May Htoo Maung

    Jr. Business Analyst


  • Freddy Naing

    Accountant and Finance Officer


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