Vacancy Notice: Business Analyst for Renewable Energy


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Vacancy Notice: Business Analyst for Renewable Energy


Position: Business Analyst-Renewable Energy

Date: 18/03/2020

No. of Vacancy: One

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master in Industrial Engineering- Innovation Management or equivalent degree in Renewable Energy
  • Through Knowledge of Business Processes, Finance, Investments and Renewable Energy Industry
  • Credible Research work on Commercialization of Solar Energy
  • Fluency in English and Dutch Languages
  • Age: 30 to 40 years age

Minimum Experience:

  • 6 years’ experience in energy sector including management of renewable projects
  • Experience of working in Multi-Cultural Work Environment

Major Tasks to be Performed:

  • Identify and engage with potential pipeline projects to establish business viability 
  • Analyze and understand how the pipeline projects fit with the investment criteria 
  • Support and guide pipeline projects to make the business proposition more viable and sustainable  
  • Support and guide pipeline projects during initial establishment 
  • Execute pre-investment capacity building strategy 
  • Engage with technical experts on feasibility assessment  
  • Conduct field visits as required
  • Conduct impact assessment of pipeline projects  
  • Prepare Investment Committee proposals 
  • Analyze sales and implementation processes 
  • Recommend efficiency and productivity improvements 
  • Describe standard processes 
  • Build capacity of local sales and implementation teams

Selection Method: Interview

Application Deadline: Interested candidates can apply for the position before 29/03/2020. You need to send the application and required documents to ‘’ or you can drop the same at our registered office located at Pulchowk-Lalitpur Nepal. Preference will be given to Nepali citizens

Documents to be submitted with Job Application: 

  1. Copy of Curriculum Vita 
  2. Copy of Job Application/Cover Letter 
  3. Copy of Citizenship Certificate or Passport 
  4. PP Size Photo
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