PURNIMA: Effective Communication in Business and Leadership Workshop

PURNIMA: Effective Communication in Business and Leadership Workshop


Workshops on Effective Communication in Business and Leadership was conducted on 12th and 13th March 2020 in Nuwakot and Dhading districts as part of the Post Earthquake Recovery Program (PURNIMA) funded by UKAID. The workshop is part of One to Watch’s has partnership with PURNIMA to provide year-long incubation/acceleration services for 20 selected construction companies.

The workshops were follow-ups on the previous sessions which discussed the formulation of business plans and the company specific needs (financial & non-financial) to help the participants’ business grow.

Companies know their businesses the best. However, at times when opportunities demand a solid business pitch, the resulting communication isn’t effective, and the objective of capturing the interest of potential investors, consumers and partners isn’t met. To address this very issue, One to Watch conducted this session.

The delivery of the sessions was inclined towards addressing the need to effectively communicate the SMEs business to spark interests in prospective investors, customers and partners. The focus was to assist companies to streamline their communication of their problem statement, solutions identified, business plan, market, and team.

Post presentation, an exercise was conducted with the participants to help them better understand the purpose of their business so that they can effectively communicate the same to their stakeholders. Following the exercise, entrepreneurs practiced presenting their own businesses.

All in all, the workshop provided a working idea on how to pitch or communicate existing business ideas and products to investors, customers and prospective partners, foster call to actions and follow up with stakeholders when pitching businesses or sales propositions, and break down different business processes into simple meaningful concepts that are easier to understand.


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