COVID-19 Survey Launched for SMEs in Nepal

COVID-19 Survey Launched for SMEs in Nepal

Servers and chefs of Red Mud Coffe. Photo by: Red Mud Coffee, Facebook


In attempt to understand the urgent and future needs of OTW’s portfolio companies and other SMEs in Nepal, a survey has been developed to assess the current state of businesses and the various measures that have been adopted by companies to cope with the COVID-19 crisis.

The survey comprises of queries on how the company is currently operating, whether layoffs have occurred, and whether new measures have been adopted to adapt their product and service offerings. OTW is calling upon other businesses around Nepal to share their experiences of how the pandemic is affecting them. Entrepreneurs may take the survey at the following link.

Similar research is being conducted for SMEs in Myanmar with additional focus on the agriculture sector. Findings from the survey will be used to identify areas in which OTW can extend our support, including but not limited to capital, business model reengineering, and marketing advice and strategies.


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