Kalash Milk Industries (Pasteurized Milk)

Entrepreneur Shyam Badan Yadav quit his job as a production manager in a steel company, sold a piece of his land and started a small milk processing factory in Nepal. To engage farmers in dairy farming, Shyam set-up a loan programme for farmers to buy cattle. Within one year Shyam realised his factory’s maximum capacity. The investment by Ton aan de Stegge of Purplefield Investments, made possible by One to Watch, helped Shyam scale the factory to 5.000 liter capacity per day. As a result, 200 farmers now have a sustainable livelihood and generate additional income. In addition, Kalash Milk Industries helps to reduce the shortage in dairy supplies in Nepal. Shyam received the Surya Social Entrepreneurship Award in 2011.

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