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Investment > € 50K along with other investors in a dedicated fund for Nepal. Fund investors outsource the full investment management services to One to Watch. However, fund investors have the option to engage in an active role as company coach, member of the advisory board, fundraising ambassador, etc. The defining character of a fund investment is the shared risk and combined effort to build companies.

One to Watch is managing the Nepal Impact Investment Club (NIIC) and Nepal Circulatory Fund (NCF).



Investment directly in a company as a ‘sole’ investor matching the full investment need of a company. Peer to Peer investors select their own investments and remain actively involved in managing the investment. One to Watch supports the investor in Nepal by offering administrative services and representing the investor in Nepal. Important decisions are conducted between the entrepreneur and the investor. The defining character of a peer to peer investment is the deep personal involvement in a single company.

One to Watch invests in small and growing business (SGBs) with high growth potential. SGBs account for more than 70% of the Industrial Sector’s contribution to the GDP and on average can generate 100 jobs for every 400K Euros invested, and an 8% IRR on every Euro invested. However, in Nepal, SGBs fall into the category of the ‘Missing Middle’- they are too big for micro-credits, they do not have collateral for banks and large funds find them risky, cutting them off from accessing capital they could use for growth. Impact investing makes a huge difference in the companies in this category, hence we invest in the companies in missing middle in Nepal. These companies generate good financial returns and create positive social and/or environmental impact. 

  • We invest in the missing middle in basic needs
  • We invest in companies that offer innovative solutions 

After the success of our pioneer and our peer to peer fund, both which was launched 2010, we are launching a new 20 million Euro fund aimed towards providing SGB’s an improved access to finance to help them grow. 


Funds managed by One to Watch




Nepal Impact Investment Community (NIIC)

Expansion capital for SGBs in Nepal
Investing in Basic Needs
Ticket Size: € 200K - € 500K
Companies: Bajra Brick, BioVac, Bloom Nepal School, Gham Power, Nepal Thopa Sinchai, Smart Tech Solutions

Investments in NIIC is now closed.




Off-grid Renewable Energy Fund (ORE)

Development and Growth capital for electrifying rural Nepal
Investing in off-grid renewable energy
Investments in solar micro-grids and water pumps

ORE is open for 2nd round investments.




Peer to Peer Investments (P2P)

Expansion capital for SGBs in Nepal
Investing in Basic Needs
Ticket Size: € 100K upwards
Companies: Smart Paani, Waste Concern, Organic Mountain Flavour
Cotton Mill, Ficus Biotech, Red Mud

Peer to Peer investments are now closed.

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