One to Watch is established with the objective to build successful companies in Nepal with impact investors from around the world. On behalf of our clients, we screen and manage investments (see below how it works), making investing in Nepal comfortable and safe. Our clients can invest in individual companies as well as in our investment funds. The Nepal Impact Investment Club (NIIC)  is a group of enthusiastic investors dedicated towards making serious social impact and serious profits in Nepal. The Nepal Circulatory Fund (NCF) is a fund that invests in innovative Nepalese companies that accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

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  • 1. Sourcing

    One to Watch sources companies in Nepal with great potential in three sectors; agriculture and food, renewable energy and health care.

  • 2. Accelerate

    We work together with the management to improve the business plan and make the company investment ready.

  • 3. Deal making

    The company presents its business plan to impact investors. We work out a deal together.

  • 4. Monitor and grow

    One to Watch monitors the investment on behalf of the impact investor. This investment is based on social and financial indicators. Together with mentors and experts we help the company grow.

  • 5. Exit

    We work out an exit strategy to sustain social impact and generate financial return

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