R&D Signs the Second Term Sheet of the Season

After Bajra Brick & Tile Industries, Rockstart Impact II alumnus – R&D Innovative Solution is the second company to bag investment this year. Co-founders of the company, our favorite power couple Sunita Nhemaphuki and Damber Khanal recently signed the term sheet with Nepal Circulatory Fund (NCF).

Incorporated in 2010, R&D has been growing as an agribusiness that empowers the farming community in Nepal with its prime focus on communication, consulting and coordination in the respective ecosystem.

R&D enrolled in Rockstart Impact II to accelerate their successful vegetable retail chain R&D Green Mart. The Green Mart promotes fair trade for farmers by boycotting middlemen. It also boasts good agriculture practices along with availability of organic vegetables at reasonable prices.

“Before we joined Rockstart Impact, we were uncertain about our target customers as well as the direction to be taken”, shares Sunita. She also honestly tells us how work and operations were carried out just for the sake of completing tasks and meeting day-to-day goals.

“After Rockstart Impact, we have seen positive result in our day to day revenue collection as well as sales! We have also been able to motivate our staff with great team spirit”, added Sunita as her eyes gleamed with excitement. “We hope to see growth and results that are bigger than just 100% in the coming days.”

With the new investment Sunita and Damber plan to open at least 10 additional franchise stores across the city and start operating a delivery vehicle.

The investor Nepal Circulatory Fund (NCF) – is a fund by One to Watch that invests in innovative Nepalese companies that accelerate the transition to a circular economy. A circular economy is not based on a take, make, and use and dispose model (linear), but on a model in which valuable resources and raw materials are used and re-used indefinitely. According to McKinsey&Company, the circular economy could generate €1.8 trillion by 2030 in Europe alone

Nepal Circularity Fund focuses on innovative companies that re-use raw materials and natural resources to create a competitive value proposition in Nepal. While a lot of valuable resources currently go to waste, we are convinced that companies with smart solutions for waste management, rain water harvesting, bio composting, plastic recycling, sharing, and water treatment can be highly profitable in Nepal. By investing in such companies, the Nepal Circularity Fund aims to create a positive impact on the natural environment and directly benefits the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) as well. The NCF is established with the objective of building successful.

The Nepal Circularity Fund is established with the objective of building successful companies with circular business models in Nepal together with impact investors from across the world. The Fund thrives by making investments comfortable and safe for international investors while sharing overhead risks. Based on first-hand experience in the Nepali market and the promising portfolio companies, the Fund has proven that impact investments can work in Nepal.

We have more investment deals in the pipeline as all Rockstart Impact II companies have been connected to an investor network that includes over 200+ local and international investors. 20 companies have found direct access to funding and a pool of international investors through our program so far.

We’ve been running the program annually since 2014, assembled an extensive mentor and partner network and developed a format that strengthens the entrepreneurs’ capabilities and vision to grow their business. If your company is focused on making profit and an impact in the society through entrepreneurship, Rockstart Impact is the right partner to take the leap.

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