The Nine Companies To Look Out For In 2018

With three years of experience of running Rockstart Impact Program, it still does not cease to amaze us how wonderful and go-getting the entrepreneurs in Nepal are. With more than 200 companies filling in our application, it was rather difficult narrowing down the top ten. However, with much discussion and deliberation we have selected the top ten entrepreneurs for this year.

As a part of the 100 day program these ten companies will get a chance to pitch for an investment in Kathmandu, Nepal on February 15 and in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on February 22 of 2018.

The Rockstart Impact program is locally managed by One to Watch and Accelerator Nepal. It has been organized in partnership with the DOEN Foundation, DFID, ICCO Cooperation, OXFAM and Triodos Bank; and its associated partners is SAFAL Partners and Nepal Communitere.

Please welcome the companies of the 4th batch of Rockstart Impact program:

Godam Sewa:
Godam Sewa is a warehouse service based in Nepal. It started with just 4,000 square feet of space in 2014, but now has expanded and is currently providing 500,000 square feet of space in different parts of Kathmandu. Godam Sewa constructs warehouses as per the clients’ requirements in order to meet their needs.

Indradevi Strawberry Farm: 
Indradevi Strawberry Farm has 9 plus acres of land for strawberry production. They aim not only to produce the most delicious strawberry but also create jobs for the local residents of Kakani. They are selling their strawberries in supermarkets and to prestigious hotels.

Kanjirowa Agro Farm: 
Kanjirowa Agro Farm produces different types of high-quality seedling based on demand in a controlled environment supported by the relevant hi-tech technology. They produce seedlings with uniformed growth, high yields and better adaptability in the environment.

Mount Everest Organic Coffee: 
Mount Everest Organic Coffee initially started as a trading company to export Nepali coffee. In fact, their founder Mr. Phul Kumar Lama was the first person in Nepal to export coffee. They have their own commercial coffee farms, supporting processing units at various districts in Nepal and a central processing unit as well as two outlets in Kathmandu.

Rudyn Agriflora: 
Rudyn Agriflora concentrates mainly on the large-scale exports of bulbous, tuberous and rhizomatous flower bulbs. They have been exporting to various countries from 1993, and at present they are exporting around five to ten tons each year to USA, Germany and Japan. They have a production center and a warehouse to store and process their harvest in Bhadrapur, Jhapa.

Sarathi is a taxi company that has blended the traditional way of providing transportation services with a modern market model creating their own niche market. They believe in taking technology to the people rather than taking people to technology. They are the only taxi company in Kathmandu which offers 100% ride on the meter, 24*7 service in Kathmandu, clean cars, skilled and equipped drivers.

Tripathi Group: 
The Tripathi Group was formed with the purpose of contributing to Nepal’s agriculture industry. They aim to provide disease-free, high-quality products. They have created a banana tree that is resistant to different diseases and which can provide a higher yield than the traditional plants.

UG Enterprises (I am the gardener): 
UG Enterprises (I am the gardener) aims to make gardening as a lifestyle. They have a garden center in Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu. They provide hassle-free, easy to care, fully finished potted products, which can be just picked and placed with ease in the desired surrounding.

Urban Girl Inc: 
Urban Girl Inc is an e-commerce site that has expanded from just being a shopping platform for girls to one site solution to your online shopping woes. Realizing that their site was mainly being used to send gifts to loved ones, they decided to add one more item that is needed for every occasion- cakes. They have recently started added customized cakes, tee, and necklaces to their services.

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