My Reflections on Enterprise

Ashish Bdr. Singh, August 25, 2017 

In the August of 2014, I had to make a very important decision that would determine the trajectory of my life then onwards- to either focus on my aviation career or to leave everything and start from scratch. Choosing the latter one was a no brainer to me as starting my own company was something that I had always wanted to do. My co-founders and I started a company and we progressed significantly by trusting each other. As the CEO of Aiden Engineering, participating in the Enterprise Program was a pivotal decision for our business.

Since all the co-founders come from an engineering background, the process of learning about the management and finance side of the business was enthralling and a formidable challenge at the same time. Changing our business model from doing everything in Engineering to concentrating our resources on three particular product line is a monumental example of implementing the financial and managerial knowledge we received from the program. Granted, it was not an easy task to change the operation and strategy within 3 months but we were able to master it without leaving our core values and vision that has been rooted in our business since its inception.

One of our other significant achievement from the program would be that we were able to set clear and precise goals and construct a pathway to achieve our goals on the basis of financial projection, different business processes and tools. This is one of the primary reasons why Aiden Engineering is where it is now. We have come a long way since the program. The company really accelerated in terms of its operations, revenue and HR through this program. We got access to the right networks, mentors and instructors that directly influenced the company in order to make the correct decision regarding the company on the basis of actual numbers, data and expertise.

Currently, we have created a more structured and refined 5 year plan. We are well aware of the fine combination of human resources, strategically aligned partners, stakeholders and financial aspects that are essential to reach our goals.

With the management of Aiden being very particular regarding investors and investment, the accelerator program has been instrumental in connecting us with the right investors for the company. We are in the final phase of our agreement to take in an investment and the program’s investment manager has been really supportive throughout the process and the Enterprise Team has been working effectively to get the best deal in a professional way.

Enterprise is inarguably everything a business founder and a program participant could wish for!

Ashish Bdr. Singh is the CEO of Aiden Engineering and a participant in the second batch of our Enterprise Business Accelerator Program.

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