Health in a bottle

“We started NoChini due to the lack of healthy food options available in Nepal.” shares Tsewang Sadutshang, Co-founder of NoChini. “We want to provide a healthier alternative to all the processed and junk food getting popular in Nepal.” Teswang further explained. The first company to sell preservative free bottled cold-pressed juice in Nepal, co-founders Tsewang Sadutshang and Sonam Shrestha are certainly heading in the right direction.

Tsewang, a neuroscience graduate and Sonam, a chemistry and math student, have no previous experience in food and beverage manufacturing. But this detail has not stopped them from pursuing their passion of making healthy food easily available in Nepal. “I got the idea for NoChini in 2017. After coming back to Nepal, I realized how difficult it was to get healthy food here. I thought of creating options for people who wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle, and asked Sonam if he was interested” said Tsewang. For Sonam, who “always had this passion for entrepreneurship” and believed that “there will be more scope in entrepreneurship than any professional field in the next decade or so” it was not a hard decision to take.

All over the world, including Nepal, people are becoming more health-conscious. Big beverage companies like PepsiCo and Starbucks have cashed into people’s desire for a healthier food option by launching their own cold-press juice line. In Nepal, however, you can easily find fruit shops that sell freshly squeezed juice. But, Teswang maintains that NoChini’s juices are different than the ones found in the market.  “Our juices are not only preservative free and have no added sugars but we also combine multiple fruits while making our juice. Plus, all our juices are bottled and thus can be taken anywhere.” NoChini currently has a stall in FitStop in Labim Mall and another stall in Kathmandu Guest House in Thamel, plus are also supplying their juices to QFX Cinemas.

Their lack of experience in Nepal’s food and beverage market did cause a few hiccups when they started the company. According to Tsewang, they had problems with the price and availability of raw materials and bottles. However, Soman sees these same problems as being advantageous for them “since it is so hard to contact suppliers, half the people looking into going in this business would probably give up, and not push through the wall like us. Thus, weeding out our competition.”

Soman and Tsewang have big dreams when it comes to NoChini. According to Sonam, in the long run they “want to become a beverage manufacturing company, and become Nepal’s first international manufacturing company for cold-pressed juices.” But right now they plan on perfecting their juices. As with all preservative free juices, lack of long shelf life is one of the biggest hurdles that NoChini has to overcome. However, Sonam is currently looking into natural options that will help extend their shelf life allowing them to get their juices all over Nepal. They are currently also aligning themselves with distribution points to increase their customer base.

Sonam and Tsewang are not just looking for investments to increase their production capacity which will allow them to increase their distribution in Kathmandu, but “strategic partners, and long term investors who can bring value to the company.”

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