Indradevi Strawberry Farm

Indradevi Strawberry Farm aims to provide naturally grown delicious strawberries from Kakani at a fair price. They produce 250 KG strawberries daily during strawberry season, which they supply to six Bhat Bhateni stores.

Kanjirowa Agro Farm

Kanjirowa Agro Farm aims to simplify the farming process. They produce high quality seedlings of 13 varieties of vegetables. The seedlings have a uniformed growth with high yields and better adaptability in the environment.

Khadka Nursery

Khadka Nursery sells the finest quality saplings and pre-potted plants grown in their state of the art greenhouse under their brand name “I am the gardener”. They also produce and sell high quality seedlings as well as annuals, bi-annuals and ornamental plants.

Mount Everest Organic Coffee

Mount Everest Organic Coffee aims to provide the best Nepali coffee while supporting the local farmers and processors. Their specialty high grade coffee is grown in the highlands under shade and is bird friendly, pesticide free, handpicked and hand sorted.

Rudyn Agriflora

Rudyn Agriflora is the only exporter of exotic flower bulbs in Nepal. They have been in this industry for 26 years and have introduced seven hybridized flower bulbs. They are currently exporting to three countries.


Sarathi is the only cab aggregator company in Nepal. They offer 100% ride on meter, 24X7 service in Kathmandu. They aim to improve the quality of lives of cab drivers, owners and customers.

Tripathi Group

Tripathi Group supplies disease free, organic, high quality, banana saplings, potato seeds, mushroom spawn and black rice. They currently have seven varieties of banana saplings that are resistant to various diseases and have a high yield.

Urban Girl

Urban Girl aims to be the one step shopping platform for customized gifts. They are the only gift customizer in Nepal. They currently sell seven customizable products – cakes, chocolates, cupcakes, cups, cushions, pendants, and, T-shirts.

Godam Sewa

Godam Sewa is the first professional warehouse provider in Nepal. They provide customized storage solutions to their customers.

Nepal Thopa Sincha

Nepal Thopa Sinchai supplies, installs, commissions and tests advanced Green House Solar Pumps and smart irrigation tools and services to farmers and institutes working in technology based on modern agriculture.
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